Adult Diapers - Coping With Incontinence. (Prefold Cloth Diapers)

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Incontinence or bladder leakage can be a challenge for those who have to deal with it, in many aspects of their lives. Sometimes the stress of managing this condition and feelings of worry and embarrassment can really affect a person's self esteem.

However the problem of bladder control affects thousands of adults, both male and female, and it is a lot more common than one would think. While medications and even surgery can help to alleviate the problem, some people just opt to use absorbent pads or adult diapers.

Adult diapers are created using a dual layer of water-proof polyethylene, with an inside layer of wood pulp and synthetic absorbent material, along with a water repelling liner. It is available in light and heavy, in terms of protection. The diapers are available in disposable and reusable forms. Some of them have elastic leg gathers for a better fit, which also helps prevent leakage.

Should this option of disposable adult diapers not being feasible financially, one could opt for reusable, waterproof, incontinence undergarments which are designed to hold a reusable liner in place. It is all a question of what works best for each individual.

The various types of incontinence require different kinds of protection. Light protection is required for those whose incontinence is related to a sneeze, cough or exercise. For those with paralytic or giggle incontinence, a heavier protection is required, as giggle response is involuntary and results in uncontrollable bladder control.

Overall, there is a large selection of brands and sizes to choose from. Your choice should depend on cost, comfort level, protection level and durability.

The most important factor to be considered when using an adult diaper is to ensure that it can handle the incontinence and can protect the skin. Furthermore, while a saturated pad should not remain in contact with the skin for too long, the skin too should be thoroughly cleansed and dried. All saturated clothing and linen should be removed.

Purchasing adult diapers can be a sensitive and sometimes embarrassing issue, but these can also be purchased online, which could work out cheaper and also be a time saving option.

Adult diapers are designed to provide a normal life for those dealing with managing urinary incontinence. While many products are available, it is one's personal choice that is the deciding factor in knowing which style and degree of protection is needed when dealing with this issue.

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